Summer Days Rockin' Away...

From Cozumel to the Carolinas, April in Paris to my birthday in Tupelo, I've logged a lot of miles this year, and we're barely halfway through 2017. I couldn't be happier! Ever since my beautiful fans and friends came together last summer to help me make "Old Friends, New Loves," I've been venturing back out on the road and having a blast. I call it the "Nekkid" Tour cause it's just me and my trusty companions, a shiny red Nord keyboard and my black graphite baby Martin guitar, playing small listening rooms and intimate house concerts for YOU, the Best. Fans. Ever! Highlights of 2017 so far? Sitting in with Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris on the Cayamo cruise, opening Peg Parham's new "Listen at Hush" series in Greensboro NC, reuniting onstage with some of my original bandmates for the CMA Fest's Forever Country concert and last weekend's Fulshear House Concert with special guest and my new gal pal Emily Robinson. At the moment I'm in Missoula Montana rehearsing for this weekend's performances of Tim Ryan's epic "Play Me Montana," featuring the Missoula Symphony, native Salish Indian dancers, and big-screen scenic mountain visuals. Tim and I have been friends for over 25 years and he's written a stunning collection of songs that I'm honored to get to sing.

Every day the news and social media bombard us with political turmoil, economic anxiety and shallow pop culture, and the picture painted looks pretty grim. But then I'll get to spend one evening in a small room with living breathing human beings, sharing songs and stories, laughing and crying and moving to the groove, and my heart is reminded - this is what we're really about: connecting, collaborating, communicating. Face to face with real people I see enough generosity, humor and faith to move all the mountains, and I'm grateful just to get some up close and personal time together. I leave every venue renewed and inspired!

I'm playing shows in the Atlanta area and in Wisconsin in July, at a festival in Ohio in August and the Big Barn Dance in Taos in September. Hope to see you at a show this year XOX

1st review of my new music...Oermann loves it! In 1988...not so much.

1st review of my new music...Oermann loves it! In 1988...not so much.

Check it out! From the legendary Robert Oermann at Music Row Mag!


DisClaimer: Blake Shelton, Lari White Offer Top New Tracks

Robert K. Oermann • February 9, 2017 •


LARI WHITE/Moonshine
Writers: Tom Bukovac/Lari White; Publishers: SWG, BMI; Producer: Lari White; Skinny WhiteGirl Music (track)
– Lari’s first new collection in 13 years is a double CD titled Old Friends / New Loves. One disc contains imaginative reinterpretations of her 1990s hits (”Now I Know,” “That’s My Baby,” “Lead Me Not,” “That’s How You Know,” etc.). The New Loves disc showcases her new songwriting accomplishments, including this moody, multi-tracked, swampy delight. Haunting, compelling and completely captivating. The album drops tomorrow. Get it.


I'm stoked to have Bob's blessing on this new project. He's a legendary music critic and historian who's been a tastemaker in Music City since before Garth sang demos. Made all the sweeter by the memory of his first review of my music, waaaaaaay back in 1988. Back when Nashville still felt like a small southern town, when selling 100,000 country albums was an industry home run, when no one went downtown after dark unless they needed to score some weed.

I'd won the Nashville Network's talent show, You Can Be A Star, and with it a single release on Capitol Records. My BIG BREAK, certain to make me a superstar overnight! I wrote "Flying Above The Rain" with veteran hit writer and studio singer Lisa Silver, a song for my dear mom, fighting for her life against cancer at 46 years old. It was a song about struggling through storms of fear and doubt into the peace of faith and hope - flying above the rain - and it made my mom cry every time she heard it. Capitol's powerhouse PR got it to all the major critics and Bob's review was the first published, front page of Music Row Magazine. His one-word opinion packed a powerful punch:


Yeah, it smarted. I sent him a little note saying, "Thanks for the review, Mr. Oermann. I hope you develop a sweet tooth." I don't know if he ever got it.

Flash forward a quarter century, past gold records and hit songs and sold-out crowds, and here's the thing: you never stop needing someone to say "Hey, I really like your music!" All the success in the world becomes water under the bridge of a new song, and you only get to cross that next bridge if someone is walking beside you, singing along.

So thanks for the bon mot, Bob, and thanks to all of you who keep crossing these bridges with me. XOX Lari