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Lari White on Broadway with the ghost of Johnny Cash

Ring of Fire, the American musical that draws from the catalog of songs written and made famous by Johnny Cash, opened on Broadway March 12, 2016. At the center of the show are six principals paired off to make three couples: young, middle-aged and older, played by Beth Malone and Tony Award-winner Jarrod Emick, Grammy Award-winner Lari White and Jeb Brown, and Jason Edwards and Cass Morgan.

“We actually got to create this piece and sit in a room together and make up parts and say, ‘Oh, I’ll sing the harmony part and you take the lead.’ The musicians were all making up what they were going to play. It’s been a very organic process of actually creating a piece of American theater.”

In the second act, White performs “All Over Again,” a Cash song she had never heard before production started. The director Richard Maltby asked her to rearrange it to make it her own. Now, she says, “I have completely fallen in love with that song.”