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Lari White - "Champagne" Black & White (Official Music Video)

My first music video in over a decade, and what a blast to make! I love playing this character - a Holly Golightly twenty years later, world weary but elegantly resilient, her wit as dry as her glass of bubbly. We shot the whole thing in one night at our studio, the Holler, fueled by cheap champagne, Sir Pizza and Virginia Slims. I am NOT a smoker, so this was a real acting job for me. Although I have to admit I secretly enjoyed being bad and self-destructive, especially since it was so beautifully lit.

Christin Sites, brilliant young cinematographer, shot footage of both the Julia Cole and Shawn Mullins albums I produced this year, and I knew she had the composer's eye for "Champagne." I met beautiful dancer Kata Cots at Ann Hampton Callaway and Kari Strand's wedding at Birdland in New York, developed an immediate girl crush and brought her all the way from Tijuana to be in this video - her first ever!

And can we talk about the fact that I'm playing piano on this track with killer Pete Abbot on drums and bass legend Victor Wooten on UPRIGHT...a musical coup and a big stretch for me. SO here we are, more than a little way down the road, still getting a kick from the whole crazy thing.