On February 10, Old Friends, New Loves will become available digitally on iTunes and Amazon, but my TRUEST fans will know this secret: that the Collector's Edition, a special, limited-run autographed, numbered double EP package, is ONLY available here at lariwhite.com. It's been good for my artists' soul to recreate old hits like Lead Me Not and Now I Know with dear old friend guests like Suzy Bogguss and Lee Roy Parnell. And the eclectic collection of songs I've written over the last several years is finally seeing the light of day on New Loves, songs like Champagne, featuring Victor Wooten and Moonshine with Sarah Buxton. I've. been back on the road on what I'm calling "The Nekkid Tour," playing intimate singer/songwriter rooms and beautiful house concerts, just me and my shiny red keyboard, reconnecting with friends and fans, swapping stories and laughing a lot.

When these few Collector's Edition packages are all sold, that's it - we won't make any more. I love how quickly and easily music can be accessed in this new digital age, but I'm still an old-school music fan, I like the physical copy, the feel of the package in my hands, the joy of studying the photos up close and poring over every credit and thank you. Brilliant young photographer Andrea Behrends shot these pics right here at my home, The Holler, outside of Nashville, and it's a beautiful capture of the spirit of this project, very personal, intimate, and stripped down to the essence. I hope you love it as much as I've enjoyed making it!