Thanks to everyone who signed up on my email list in the last couple of months! Chuck and I played Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance last weekend, the best yet, reuniting with good friends and making new ones, hearing and singing songs we know as well as our own names and getting turned on to new music from several stunning artists. It was a joy every minute thanks to the fantastic fans who gather in Taos every year at Michael's invitation to celebrate the power of music to bring us together, heal us and send us back into the world newly inspired. 

This year's Dance ended in heartbreak, however, with the tragic loss of dear Lorraine, coordinator, rock and support system of the Barn Dance for as long as we've been a part. Lorraine passed away a couple of mornings after the festival and we will mourn her loss forever.

It inspires me to hold friends and family and fans close and tell you how much you all mean to me, how certainly I know that these friendships define good life, and how thankful I am for each one of you!