Yes, I grew up listening to Heatwave’s version of this song on the radio, and I learned a lot about singing by trying to match Johnnie Wilder, Jr’s exhilarating performance of this song note-for-note. Then Luther Vandross slayed it, too. I’d never heard a female cover this song and I wanted to find a way to make it my own...the change of meter takes this to a whole new groove and I love it! The original release of Green Eyed Soul didn’t include “Always and Forever” or the gospel “Spread The Word,” only because I’d written “High” and “Loved Right” toward the end of recording and they fit the sexy vibe so perfectly.

Glad to finally have this one released as a bonus track on Green Eyed Soul, newly re-released to the interwebs.

GREEN EYED SOUL at itunes with bonus tracks Always and Forever and Spread the Word